As the competition increases in the oral surgery industry, it is more important than ever to find a group of people who care about your practice and want you to find success. When you become a member of the Oragen team, you’ll find incredible opportunities and you’ll be able to grow your practice far beyond what you thought was possible.


We are a family office out of Denver, Colorado with a focus on investing in oral surgery practices. There are three main avenues that make Oragen unique.

First, we recruit to buy. We recruit oral surgeons who are looking to sell their practices, then we buy them at an optimal time when the surgeon will benefit most from the transaction. We give them the opportunity to still have ownership in the practice, and we tailor the transition plans to meet their needs and desires. 

Second, we recruit new oral surgeons, oral surgeons who are looking to make a career shift, and oral surgeons who are looking for a place to land. We place these oral surgeons in offices where they can have success and provide patients with excellent care. 

Lastly, we offer an in-house oral surgery model that allows oral surgeons to pick up extra days whenever they need or desire. We work with general dentists to use their practices when they are out of the office, which creates a win-win situation for all parties involved. 

Benefits of Partnering

Patient Experience

You can put more focus on the patient experience while we take care of the back-end details. 


You will be able to grow your practice far beyond what you thought was possible. 


You will have a team of people who care about you and your success as an oral surgeon. 


As an Oragen partner, you will have ownership in your practice. 


Oragen offers oral surgeons the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals, create partnerships, provide excellent services to patients, and ultimately grow the practice. 

At Oragen, we believe that oral surgeons should be happy and satisfied in their careers. We saw the need for an oral surgeon recruiting service, so we decided to provide that opttion for oral surgeons who are finishing their residency or looking to make a career shift.


If you are an oral surgeon looking to sell your practice, don’t wait until it’s too late and your practice value has decreased. When you sell your practice to Oragen, you still have ownership, you’ll get the same or higher earnings, and we will help grow your oral surgery practice. 


If you are an oral surgeon coming out of residency or you are simply looking to make a career shift, we can help you with your next step. We partner with general dentists and provide oral surgery services to their patients when the office is closed. 

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